Make KEEN’s UNEEK more sneaker-like! Introducing “UNEEK O3” while comparing it with “UNEEK”!


I’m Seki, the manager of the outdoor shop “FITTWO” in Ueno!

Today, I want to introduce the KEEN’s 「UNEEK O3」!

This “UNEEK” with its distinctive “woven” appearance, now has a more sneaker-like design!

Previously, there was the “UNEEK O2,” which had many fans, but it was discontinued. Now, it has made a comeback as the “O3”!

First, let me briefly introduce the original “UNEEK” before diving into the “UNEEK O3”!



What is UNEEK?

High-Flexibility Upper Structure

The “UNEEK” features a distinctive woven look. This woven design is made with two cords that adapt to the shape and movement of your feet, ensuring a secure fit for your entire foot, even though it’s a sandal!

The gaps in the cords also ensure good breathability, keeping your feet cool.

Of course, you can wear them barefoot, but they also pair well with socks, adding versatility to your outfit!

Though they look slim and low on the instep, they fit most feet comfortably.

Personally, I have wide, high-arched feet, and many of our customers also have wide feet, but once they get their feet in, they find them comfortable to wear!

Since the opening is small, you might feel it’s tight when putting them on, but just try getting your foot in!

Slip-Resistant Sole

Another significant feature is the outsole (sole).

The front part of the shoe has fine cuts called “laser siping”.

This design makes them less slippery on wet surfaces!

These are the main features of the UNEEK, and for more details, please check out this article!

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
KEENの夏の大人気アイテム「UNEEK(ユニーク)」の魅力を細かくご紹介!! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のア... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」店長の関です! 今回は、アメリカのアウトドアブランド「KEEN/キーン」の「UNEEK/ユニーク」をとっても細か...

Introducing UNEEK O3

The “UNEEK O3” adds “cushioning” and “lightweight” features to the previously introduced “UNEEK”!

Many of our staff and regular customers prefer the “O2” and “O3” over the standard “UNEEK”!

The design retains the woven look of the “UNEEK,” but with added heels and thicker soles, making them more sneaker-like!

The flexibility of the two-cord upper remains, but with the added heel, you get a more secure fit!

The heel also includes soft cushioning not found in the “UNEEK,” enhancing comfort. The opening is made from a soft material too!

However, due to the shorter cords and covered heel, the “UNEEK” has better breathability.

Regarding the sole, while the “UNEEK” offers a firm and sturdy feel, the “O3” provides a softer, more cushioned feel. You can easily feel the difference in softness with a touch!

The outsole, unlike the “UNEEK,” lacks the siping cuts and features strategically placed rubber, ensuring waterproofing and “lightweight” design. Though the difference is just 40 grams, they feel much lighter when worn (the black parts are rubber).

The opening of the “UNEEK O3” seems smaller than the “UNEEK,” making it slightly harder to put on.

But, it now has “pull tabs” at the front and back of the opening to assist you in putting them on!

For reference, the previous version, “UNEEK O2,” also had a small opening but didn’t have these tabs, making the “O3” easier to put on compared to the “O2”.


What did you think?

The “KEEN” “UNEEK” has been given a sneaker-like upgrade with the “UNEEK O3”.

In summary, the “UNEEK” offers a sturdy fit and is slip-resistant on wet surfaces, making it suitable for outdoor activities. In contrast, the “O3” provides cushioning and is more suitable for urban environments!

The look also varies significantly between the thinner and thicker soles, so feel free to try them both out!

You can find them in-store and on our online store linked below, so check them out!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シューズ・バック等の販売店 powered by BAS... 【公式SNS】・Instagram →・Twitter →・LINE → @832vssao------------------------------------...

Thank you for reading until the end.


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