6-5-3 Ueno,
Taito-ku, Tokyo-to 110-0005


From JR Ueno Station

From JR Okachimachi Staion

From Subway(Oedo Line・Hibiya Line・Ginza Line)
※The following three stations are connected underground.
・Naka Okachimachi Station(Hibiya Line)
・Ueno Hirokoji Station(Ginza Line)
・Ueno Okachimachi Station(Oedo Line)

From Yushima Station(Chiyoda Line)

Keisei Ueno Station(Keisei Line)

From Ueno Staion

Exit Ueno Station’s “Central Gate” and walk straight through the plaza.

②Exit the “Hirokoji exit” (L’OCCITANE on the left, Flower Shop on the right).

③Cross a big road.

④Go straight on the street on the right side of “OIOI (Marui)”.

⑤Go a little further and turn right to reach the goal.


From JR Okachimachi Station

①Exit the “North Exit” ticket gate

②You will see a “Pandayaki” shop in front of you, so turn right.

③Go straight, exit the station, and turn left.

④There is a crosswalk(Kasuga Dori) so cross it.

⑤Go straight for a while

⑥After walking for a while, you will see “FootMonkey” on your right. Turn right at the corner and you will see our shop.



From Subway

①For all three lines, head towards the “A7” exit and climb the stairs.


②When you get to the ground, you will see “7-Eleven” so turn right.

③Go straight.

④Turn left at the second corner and you will see our store.


From Yushima Station(Chiyoda Line)

①Exit through the ticket gate towards Ayase. Go up the stairs towards exit “2”.

②When you reach the ground, turn left.

③Go straight for a little while.

④You will see a big intersection.

⑤Cross the intersection and immediately turn left.

⑤Go straight for a little while.

⑥Turn right at the first corner.

⑦Go straight. When you walk near the underpass, you will see our store.



From Keisei Ueno Station(Keisei Line)

①Exit the ticket gate and proceed to the right (front exit).

②Go up to the ground.

③When you get to the ground, turn right and go straight.

④After going a little further, you will see a traffic light on your left, so cross it and turn right after crossing.

⑤When you turn right, go straight.

⑥Proceed for a while and turn left.

⑦Go straight.

⑧After passing under the overpass, you will see our store.