KEEN’s UNEEK celebrates its 10th anniversary with an update! A versatile footwear that serves dual purposes in one pair!


This is Seki, the manager of FITTWO, an outdoor shop in Ueno!

Today, I’d like to introduce the “UNEEK II CONVERTIBLE” from the American brand “KEEN”!

As KEEN’s iconic item, the “UNEEK” celebrates its 10th anniversary this year (2024) and has been updated to a “convertible” version!

The term “convertible” means ‘capable of being transformed into various shapes,’ and true to its name, it’s a 2-way type that can also be used as a slide.

Now, let me briefly introduce the features of UNEEK and then delve into the unique features of “UNEEK II CONVERTIBLE”!



Features of the UNEEK Series

Upper Structure

The most distinctive feature of the UNEEK series is its eye-catching “open-air construction”.

This uniquely woven structure not only enhances its visual uniqueness but also excels in functionality!

The two cords that make up the upper can deform to fit the shape and movement of each wearer’s foot, providing a snug fit and excellent breathability typical of sandals!

It’s suitable for wearing barefoot or with socks, making it versatile for spring, summer, and autumn!

You can also enjoy various styles by pairing it with different socks!

You can easily adjust the fit with the central bungee shoelace. Whether you wear them barefoot or with socks, you can adjust them to your liking!


In addition to the open-air structure, another major feature of UNEEK is its outsole.

The front part of the shoe features “razor siping,” fine incisions commonly used in KEEN’s outdoor sandals.

Thanks to these incisions, the shoe grips firmly on wet surfaces, providing maximum slip resistance, making it perfect for urban wear and outdoor activities like river outings!

Those are the general features of UNEEK. For more detailed information, please check out the link here!

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KEENの夏の大人気アイテム「UNEEK(ユニーク)」の魅力を細かくご紹介!! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のア... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」店長の関です! 今回は、アメリカのアウトドアブランド「KEEN/キーン」の「UNEEK/ユニーク」をとっても細か...


Feature 1: Convertible Design

Introducing the “UNEEK II CONVERTIBLE” we’re focusing on today, it has been updated while retaining the strengths of the original UNEEK!

It maintains the look of the original UNEEK, but the heel can be folded forward, making it a “convertible”!

Unlike the previous UNEEK, it now has hooks for the shoelaces, so the heel counter won’t get in the way when worn as a slide!

This allows for versatile usage, whether you need a secure heel for outdoor activities or a slide for casual outings!

Be mindful that the heel strap varies by color, so please pay attention when making a purchase.

Feature 2: Comfortable Cork Material

In addition, the footbed differs from the regular UNEEK.

The footbed can be removed, and cork is applied to the area that contacts the foot.

With cork, it not only looks more summery but also has excellent moisture-wicking properties, ensuring comfort even when sweating!

This footbed, like the regular UNEEK, is molded to the shape of the foot, enhancing the fit.

In addition to cork in the footbed, microfiber with excellent moisture-wicking properties is also used in the upper and lining!

It’s safe to wash them completely even when wet, so you can wash them after sweating a lot!

Feature 3: UNEEK’s Most Ecological

In addition to appearance and functionality, it adapts to current environmental issues by using recycled materials for cords and cork!

Furthermore, efforts are made to minimize adhesives and solvents from the manufacturing stage, making it the most eco-friendly UNEEK ever!


How was it?

KEEN’s UNEEK celebrates its 10th anniversary, demonstrating even greater adaptability with the “UNEEK II CONVERTIBLE”.

You can enjoy both the regular UNEEK and slide type with just one pair!

The sizes are unisex, ranging from 23 to 29 cm, with a 0.5 cm increment!

They are available for purchase in-store and at the online store linked below, so be sure to check them out!

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Thank you very much for your attention until the end!


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