Introducing a simple 40L bag from CHROME that can be used for business trips!


I’m Seki, the store manager of FITTWO, an outdoor shop in Ueno!

This time, let me introduce the new arrival from our recommended brand “CHROME” for spring/summer 2024, the “TURRET TRANSIT PACK”!

For those who need a bag for everyday use or for business trips, this bag we’re introducing this time can serve two purposes with just one bag!

It can be used as a 20L bag for regular use, but can expand to 40L for business trips or travels! With its simple and neat appearance, and features like 20~40L expandable capacity and ample storage space, it’s the must-have item of this season that can also shine in business scenes!



Basic Specs

Capacity: 20-40(L)
Dimensions: W31.8 × H47 × D15.2(cm)
Weight: 1.54(kg)

With its simple square shape and no extra frills, it boasts a clean appearance!

There’s also a metallic CHROME logo on the front, adding a touch of luxury!

For its front material, it uses highly water-resistant “500D TPE TARP”, while the main material is 1050D nylon, ensuring excellent durability!

It also features water-resistant zippers on the front, keeping water from entering!

But the standout feature of this bag is its expandable capacity! While it’s normally 20L for day use, you can increase its thickness by opening the central zipper 360 degrees! This doubles its capacity to 40L!!

You can keep it neat when you don’t need that much space, and expand it as needed!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
TURRET TRANSIT PACK - BLACK TARP/NYLON【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・... 【商品特徴】「TURRET TRANSIT PACK(タレット トランジット パック)」都市を駆け巡るビジネスマンの為に生まれたTURRET TRANSIT PACK。通常は20Lのコンパクトバックパッ...

Storage Space

Next, let’s delve into the storage space!

First off, the main compartment opens wide at a 90-degree angle!

Here, you’ll find various storage pockets such as loops for pens and zippered pockets! There’s also a larger pocket on the opposite side, which is made of mesh material, allowing you to see what’s inside!

The other main compartment is also a spacious storage space with ample room.

This compartment also features a large mesh pocket!

The zippers for this compartment only appear and are usable when the bag is expanded to 40L.

There are also various pockets on the front!

At the top, there’s a pocket that extends about halfway into the main compartment. While it’s connected to the main compartment, it can only be opened from the main side and not from this side.

In addition to these, there are two zippered pockets hidden within the straps.

The part that comes in contact with your back when worn is lined with fleece fabric, making it suitable for storing electronic devices!

The back side is a thinner compartment designed to store tablets or PCs. It also has fleece lining inside and substantial padding, providing protection for electronic devices.

There’s a tablet-sized pocket and a larger pocket accessible from both vertical and horizontal directions!

That wraps up the storage space, but there are loops on the shoulder straps, typical of CHROME, allowing you to attach CHROME accessories!

Convenient Features for Travel

This item can expand up to 40L, making it suitable not only for everyday use but also for business trips and travels. In addition to its capacity, it comes with other useful features!

There’s a loop on the back for attaching it to a carry-on bag, ensuring stress-free travel even when carrying a lot of items!

Furthermore, there are handles on the sides for easy carrying. At this time, there’s a dedicated loop for securing the shoulder strap so it doesn’t hang down and become a hindrance!


How was that?

With its diverse storage pockets, this expandable bag from CHROME can handle everything from daily use to business trips and travel!

You can use it for travel or business trips without having to switch bags, reducing the chances of forgetting items or dealing with extra hassle!

It’s available for purchase in-store and at the online store linked below, so be sure to check it out!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
TURRET TRANSIT PACK - BLACK TARP/NYLON【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・... 【商品特徴】「TURRET TRANSIT PACK(タレット トランジット パック)」都市を駆け巡るビジネスマンの為に生まれたTURRET TRANSIT PACK。通常は20Lのコンパクトバックパッ...

Thank you very much for your attention until the end!


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