Staff Picks: Top 5 Recommended Items Vol.5! (May 2024)

Hello! Nice to meet you!

I’m Shimada, a staff member at FITTWO, an outdoor shop in Ueno!

This month, I’ll introduce you to five items that I recommend!

Since this is my first time writing a blog, there might be some parts that are hard to read, but I hope you’ll read it through to the end.

(*Prices are current as of May 2024.)


Staff Recommended Top 5 Items

1. [KEEN] WK450

Basic Information

Made by KEEN, famous for sandals,these are walking shoes.

With rounded soles, they give you a feeling like you’re moving forward on your own when you walk!

The price is 17,600 yen (tax included).

Recommended Points

In addition to walking, it’s also a good fashion item that goes well with any outfit due to its simple appearance!

Since it’s made of mesh material, it’s breathable and doesn’t get sweaty easily.

When you first wear them, you may feel a little uncomfortable with the curved sole, but you’ll get used to it over time and won’t be able to go back to other shoes!


Basic Information

The largest 15L capacity in the popular KADET series from CHROME!

It can hold a laptop, water bottle, pouch, and more, making it suitable for commuting and school.

The price is 17,600 yen (tax included), and the waterproof TARP and lightweight yet sturdy XRF are 18,700 yen (tax included).

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シューズ・バック等の販売店 powered by BAS... 【公式SNS】・Instagram →・Twitter →・LINE → @832vssao------------------------------------...

Recommended Points

Easy to put on and take off with the shoulder strap!

You can attach outer straps to hold jackets like parkas, so your removed items won’t get in the way!

You can neatly store small items in the organizer pocket inside, keeping the bag tidy!

You can find more detailed information on this blog!

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
CHROMEの定番バッグ「KADET」がアップデート!「KADET MAX」を徹底紹介!! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」店長の関です! 今回紹介するのは、アメリカのブランド「CHROME/クローム」の「KADET MAX/カデットマックス...

3. [KAVU] The Jam

Basic Information

A unique printed shirt made of organic cotton.

With a design that is sure to spark conversation and excitement!

The price is 11,550 yen (tax included).

Recommended Points

Absolutely eye-catching!

Perfect for the upcoming summer, this shirt with KAVU’s logo subtly incorporated is stylish!

A piece that will lift your mood and make you want to wear it for trips, to the beach, and more.


Basic Information

This T-shirt provides a cool sensation as if you were in a limestone cave, thanks to its “sustained cooling” and “heat-blocking” functions.

Available in black and white, priced at ¥6,600 (including tax).

Key Points

This is an essential piece for the upcoming scorching summer, offering a pleasantly cool sensation when worn.

The flashy chrome car design on the back print is sure to catch everyone’s attention!

With its oversized fit, it’s perfect for creating a stylish silhouette. Whether for a casual outing, at home, or for gatherings and leisure activities, it’s incredibly versatile!


Basic Information

A hat with a simple design but equipped with CHROME’s characteristic multifunctional gimmicks.

Priced at ¥5,940 (including tax), available only in black with the logo available in white or black.

One size fits all with a circumference of 58cm.

Key Points

The detachable shade protects your neck from UV rays and can be turned into a bag for carrying ice packs.

Furthermore, by removing the shade and chin strap, it quickly transforms into an easy-to-carry pouch! Perfect for storing hats or other items.

It’s water-repellent, so it can withstand light rain, offering peace of mind even during sudden showers!




Thank you for reading until the end.

These are all products that are sure to shine this summer, so feel free to use them as a reference!


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