The flashy colors are attractive! Introducing all items from CHROME’s “PRIDE COLLECTION”!


I’m Seki, the manager of the outdoor shop “FITTWO” in Ueno!

Today, I’m excited to introduce the limited edition color collection from CHROME, called the “PRIDE COLLECTION”!

This collection is as eye-catching as the previously released “RAINBOW PRIDE COLLECTION,” featuring vibrant reflective materials on the front!

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
【新入荷】CHROME -RAINBOW PRIDE COLLECTION- 5月9日より発売開始! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ... 【CHROME】"RAINBOW RPIDE" COLLECTION CHROMEは多様性を称賛し、あらゆる生き方やムーヴメントを支える最高のギア作りを使命として掲げている。 そしてその使命を全うする...

Unlike the previous rainbow reflective material, this time we have used a slightly purple reflective material. The main fabric features pink grid lines!

The interior also features pink, just like the previous collection, making it easy to see what’s inside!

The buckle is a special edition with a unique color not seen before! Tags and straps are also specially designed!

This collection includes six items, starting with CHROME’s classic sling bag “KADET.” Let’s introduce each one!



1. KADET『¥12100 (tax included)』

Capacity: 9(L)
External Dimensions: W42 x H20 x D9 (cm)
Weight: 0.65 (kg)

First, from the classic “KADET series” by CHROME, we introduce the “KADET”! Known as the best-selling sling bag in the US, it is also a long-time favorite of mine!

With a 9-liter capacity, it’s perfect for short outings. It easily fits a light jacket and a 500ml bottle! It can even hold a 14-inch laptop!

It also features CHROME’s signature “seatbelt buckle”!

You can wear it without having to pass it over your head, and it’s easy to adjust the fit!

With a sub-strap, the bag stays in place when you ride a bicycle or bend over, so it doesn’t get in your way!

The main compartment features several pockets, including a D-ring to attach keys!

There is also a horizontal pocket on the front!

If you have a lot of small items, we also offer a dedicated organizer sold separately, so be sure to check it out!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
KADET ORGANIZER - BLACK【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シュ... 【商品特徴】-KADET ORGANIZER(カデット オーガナイザー)-人気商品KADETにオーガナイザーを取付け、更に収納出来る仕様に。・スマートフォンやAirPods、ケーブルなどをひ...

The back features a U-lock holder for bicycles!

For more detailed information about the buckle adjustment method and the product, check out this article.

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
【CHROME】1年を通して大活躍なハイスペックお手軽メッセンジャー!KADETのご紹介!! | FITTWO(フィットツ... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」スタッフの浅野です! 今回は、オールシーズンお使い頂けるCHROMEの大人気スリングバッグ「KADET SLING BAG...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
KADET SLING BAG - RADIANT GRID【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル... 【商品特徴】KADET(カデット)はバッグの原点に立ち戻り、都市生活で必要とされる物だけを携帯する為に開発されたシートベルトバックル付きのスリングバッグ。アッパーマ...

2. KADET MAX『¥18700 (tax included)』

Capacity: 15(L)
External Dimensions: W40.0 x H29.0 x D14.0 (cm)
Weight: 0.7 (kg)

Next up is the “KADET MAX.” This is an enlarged and upgraded version of the KADET!

With over 1.5 times the capacity of the KADET, it looks significantly larger! This model can also hold a 16-inch laptop and comes with the “seatbelt buckle” as well!

Opening the main pocket reveals several mesh pockets and slots for pens. There are also padded pockets lined with fleece for laptops. A bottle pocket is also included on the side!

The front storage space also has pockets and a key ring, providing excellent storage capacity!

We have a detailed article on the KADET MAX! It has unique features such as compatibility with both shoulders, so be sure to check it out.

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
CHROMEの定番バッグ「KADET」がアップデート!「KADET MAX」を徹底紹介!! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」店長の関です! 今回紹介するのは、アメリカのブランド「CHROME/クローム」の「KADET MAX/カデットマックス...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
KADET MAX - RADIANT GRID【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シュ... 【商品特徴】- KADET MAX(カデット マックス)-CHROMEがプロメッセンジャーバッグで培った使いやすさを、今を生きるすべての都市生活者に。全米で最も売れているスリング...

3. MINI KADET『¥10450 (tax included)』

Capacity: 5(L)
External Dimensions: W34 x H17 x D8 (cm)
Weight: 0.35 (kg)

Next is the “MINI KADET,” the smallest bag in the KADET series.

With about half the capacity of the KADET, it’s smaller and more compact, making it an easy size for smaller individuals and women to carry!

Instead of the seatbelt buckle, it features an “adjuster buckle.” While it doesn’t have the quick-release functionality of the seatbelt buckle, you can still easily adjust the fit!

The adjuster buckle is less bulky and lighter than the seatbelt buckle!

If you prefer the seatbelt buckle, replacement buckles are available separately, so you can customize the MINI KADET to your liking!

The MINI KADET doesn’t come with a sub-strap, but you can purchase one separately if you prefer a sleeker look.

The number of pockets is almost the same as the KADET, just in a smaller package!

For a more detailed comparison with the KADET, check out this article!

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
【CHROME】クロームの人気商品”KADET”&”MINI KADET”を徹底比較! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウトド... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」店長の関です! 今回は、CHROME(クローム)の定番で大人気商品「KADET SLING BAG(カデット)」と、そのKADET...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
MINI KADET SLING BAG - RADIANT GRID【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・ア... 【商品特徴】- MINI KADET SLING BAG(ミニカデットスリングバッグ)-必要最低限のアイテムだけを持ち運びたいミニマリストの“PERFECT EVERYDAY CARRY”ミニマルな荷物の携...

4. TENSILE SLING BAG『¥14300 (tax included)』

Capacity: 7(L)
External Dimensions: W25.0 × H17.5 × D10.0 (cm)
Weight: 0.4 (kg)

Next is the “TENSILE SLING BAG,” which has a reduced amount of reflective material. This sling bag, with a seatbelt buckle, has a capacity between the KADET and MINI KADET!

It features three compartments. The frontmost one is simple, without any pockets.

The middle compartment has a gusset, allowing for thicker items, and includes loops to secure small items.

The back compartment features several pockets, including a zippered pocket, and a key ring!

Despite its compact size, it offers excellent storage capacity and makes it easy to organize small items!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
TENSILE SLING BAG - RADIANT GRID【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレ... 【商品特徴】-TENSILE SLING BAG(テンシル スリング バッグ) -トラス構造の機能美が光るテンシル スリング バッグ。軽量&コンパクトなサイズで全天候対応。シンプルで軽...

5. MINI TENSILE SLING BAG『¥6600 (tax included)』

Capacity: 2(L)
External Dimensions: W20.0 × H13.0 × D5.0 (cm)
Weight: 0.17 (kg)

Next is the “MINI TENSILE SLING BAG,” a smaller version of the TENSILE. With a capacity of 2(L), it’s perfect for carrying the bare essentials for a short outing!

This model features a plastic buckle and can be used as both a shoulder bag and a waist bag!

The main compartment includes a mesh pocket and a key ring!

There is also a small pocket on the back!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
MINI TENSILE SLING BAG - RADIANT GRID【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・... 【商品特徴】-TENSILE SLING BAG(テンシル スリング バッグ) -トラス構造の機能美が光るテンシル スリング バッグ。軽量&コンパクトなサイズで全天候対応。シンプルで軽...

6. TECH ACCESSORY POUCH『¥4730 (tax included)』

Capacity: 0.5(L)
External Dimensions: W13 x H18 x D4 (cm)

Finally, we have the “TECH ACCESSORY POUCH,” perfect for storing small items. It features reflective material on the entire front, making it highly visible!

The back has Velcro and loops, allowing it to be attached to a bag!

The zipper opens 180 degrees, and inside you’ll find several mesh pockets and loops for pens and other items. The mesh pockets are stretchy, so they can easily hold a smartphone!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
TECH ACCESSORY POUCH - RADIANT GRID【CHROME】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・ア... 【商品特徴】- TECH ACCESSORY POUCH(テック アクセサリー ポーチ) -TECH ACCESSORY POUCHはCHROMEバッグストラップなどに装着できる機能的な小型ポーチ。背面のベルクロ...


What do you think?


With its vibrant reflective material, it features a very eye-catching limited color!

Starting with the KADET, the collection includes popular and user-friendly products, making it easy for first-time CHROME users to enjoy!

The previous rainbow collection was also very popular and sold out quickly due to its limited quantity. This collection is also limited, so make sure to check it out soon!

Available in-store and at the online store below! Thank you very much for reading to the end!

FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
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