Extremely comfortable to wear! No more pain between your fingers! Introducing KEEN’s best beach sandals!


I’m Seki, the store manager of FITTWO, an outdoor shop in Ueno!

This time, I’d like to introduce flip sandals (= beach sandals) called “KONA FLIP TG” and “WAIMEA TG” from “KEEN”!

Among flip sandals, these are items with “excellent comfort and fit, with a luxurious appearance.”

Until now, when it came to beach sandals, it was common to think of them as something to wear just to get by, with discomfort between the toes and flimsy materials. However, my perspective changed after wearing these KEEN flip sandals!

Moreover, unlike the common EVA-based flip sandals, they are made with suitable materials for each part, considering functionality!

This time, let’s introduce these two premium flip sandals!


【KEEN】Two Picks of Flip Sandals

The one with the typical flip sandal shape is “KONA FLIP TG”, and the one with KEEN’s familiar “Toe Guard” is “WAIMEA TG”.

Thanks to this Toe Guard, it protects the toes, but depending on the person, some may feel uncomfortable if their toes stick out from here.

If you’ve known KEEN for a while, you might recognize the names “KONA FLIP” and “WAIMEA.”

Previously, they were released under the names “KONA FLIP H2” and “WAIMEA H2,” and this time they have been reintroduced with the name “TG.” By the way, “TG” is derived from the Japanese word “Tageta” (traditional Japanese wooden clogs)!

While the shape remains the same, the name change has brought a switch from polyester to natural leather for the upper material, enhancing the luxurious appearance!

Furthermore, the leather is treated to be water-resistant, so it’s okay to immerse them in water or wash them thoroughly in the shower!

The underside of the leather is lined with a quick-drying material for excellent comfort, so it won’t directly touch the skin, allowing you to wear them comfortably for long periods without getting sweaty!

Soft material is also used for the thong part, just like the previous model! I haven’t heard of anyone finding the previous model uncomfortable, so I think this one will be comfortable too!

Personally, I’ve worn them myself, and I’ve never experienced any discomfort.

Aside from the excellent fit of the upper, what makes these KEEN flip sandals great is the comfort provided by the sole!

They use “EVA” for both the part that directly touches the foot, called the “Footbed,” and the part that absorbs shocks during walking, called the “Midsole”!

The EVA in the Footbed is molded to the shape of the foot, ensuring a snug fit! It also provides cushioning due to its softness, which is why it’s used in the Midsole!

KEEN sandals are known for their comfort, but personally, I find “NEWPORT” to be the most fatigue-free and comfortable to wear. Even this flip-flop feels as comfortable as NEWPORT! You can use them for activities like river play, as the outsole has rubber only where necessary, making it less slippery in wet conditions.

Check them out at our online store!

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