Staff Picks: Top 5 Recommended Items Vol.6! (June 2024)


This is Shimada from the outdoor shop “FITTWO” in Ueno!

Let me introduce my top 5 recommended items for this month!

(※Prices are as of June 2024.)


Top 5 Recommended Items by Our Staff


Basic Information

KEEN’s classic YOGUI sandals have evolved into a customizable fitting model.

Available in four colors: Black, White, Olive, and Yellow.

Price: 9130 yen (tax included).

Recommended Points

The cute, rounded design unique to the Yogee series is accentuated by the removable “K” parts in red, which add a nice touch.

Furthermore, replacing the parts with shoelaces gives a different feel, making it even better!

You can adjust the position of the parts or tighten with shoelaces for a better fit to your feet.

The soles offer excellent cushioning and grip, making them comfortable and ideal for any situation.

Check out this detailed article for more information!

KEEN’s standard sandal “YOGUI” has finally been updated! Introducing YOGEEZ! Hello! I'm Seki, the manager of the outdoor shop "FITTWO" in Ueno! Today, I'd like to introduce the American brand "KEEN"'s "YOGEEZ"! KEEN's long-selling clo...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
YOGEEZ - Black/Keen Yellow【KEEN】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シュ... オリジナルアウトドアリカバリークロッグ。EVAクロッグの革命。付属のパーツやシューレースのコーティングで、じっゆ自在のカスタムフィッティングが可能なEVAリカバリーク...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
YOGEEZ - Vapor/Star White【KEEN】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シュ... オリジナルアウトドアリカバリークロッグ。EVAクロッグの革命。付属のパーツやシューレースのコーティングで、じっゆ自在のカスタムフィッティングが可能なEVAリカバリーク...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
YOGEEZ - Keen Yellow/Black【KEEN】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シュ... オリジナルアウトドアリカバリークロッグ。EVAクロッグの革命。付属のパーツやシューレースのコーティングで、じっゆ自在のカスタムフィッティングが可能なEVAリカバリーク...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
YOGEEZ - Martini Olive【KEEN】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル、シューズ... オリジナルアウトドアリカバリークロッグ。EVAクロッグの革命。付属のパーツやシューレースのコーティングで、じっゆ自在のカスタムフィッティングが可能なEVAリカバリーク...


Basic Information

This is a short-sleeve shirt from the PFG (Performance Fishing Gear) line, designed for fishing.

Of course, it can also be worn casually.

There are so many colors… haha

We also have denim types available.

Price: 6490 yen, Denim type: 14300 yen (tax included).

Recommended Points

The variety of colors is the highlight!

Our store offers more than 10 different colors.

Since it’s designed for fishing, it has plenty of pockets, providing excellent storage capacity.

Additionally, it features a ventilation function on the back to enhance breathability, keeping you cool during hot summers.

Perfect not only for fishing but also for camping, festivals, and various other occasions.


Basic Information

The SUBTERRA2 series comes in various forms, but here we will focus on the backpack. Available only in black, it comes in two sizes: 21L and 27L.

The prices are 21L for 22,880 yen and 27L for 26,180 yen (tax included).

Recommended Features

With a simple and stylish appearance, the inside organizer has been designed for different purposes, allowing you to store your belongings safely and conveniently.

The padded pockets for laptops and tablets provide excellent protection.

There are pockets sized perfectly for notebooks, smartphones, pens, and more.

The backpack also features a padded pocket with a soft lining for protecting delicate items like sunglasses.

The back pocket is perfect for securing your passport and wallet, ensuring excellent security.

Check out more THULE items here! They’re all great products!

FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウ...
ルーフボックスだけじゃない!THULEのおすすめバッグ30選! | FITTWO(フィットツー) 上野のアウトドアショ... こんにちは! 上野のアウトドアショップ「FITTWO/フィットツー」店長の関です! 今回は、スウェーデンのブランド「THULE/スーリー」のバッグをご紹介!THULEと聞くと、ルー...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
Subterra 2 Backpack 27L - Black【THULE】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル... 大胆でシンプルな外観と適応性の高い機能、配慮された収納を兼ね備えた、現代の旅行者に最適な製品です。・15.6インチノートパソコン/16インチMacBookに対応するパッド付き...
FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のア...
Subterra 2 Backpack 21L - Black【THULE】 | FIT TWO[フィットツー]|上野のアウトドアショップ・アパレル... 大胆でシンプルな外観と適応性の高い機能、配慮された収納を兼ね備えた、現代の旅行者に最適な製品です。・15.6インチノートパソコン/16インチMacBookに対応するパッド付き...

【PENDLETON】Plating Jersey Tee Set

Basic Information

This set includes a T-shirt and shorts, along with a drawstring bag for easy storage.

Available in black, white, and blue, the price is 9,900 yen (tax included).

Recommended Features

The affordability of this set is outstanding, priced at under 10,000 yen!

It is highly absorbent and quick-drying, which helps to prevent discomfort from sweat by keeping you dry.

The fabric, made of a cotton-polyester blend, is soft and resistant to wrinkles, ensuring comfort and durability.


Basic Information


The MINI buckle in silver and black is priced at 1,980 yen, while the rainbow and gold options are 3,080 yen.

The SLING and MAX buckles in silver and black are priced at 2,200 yen, with rainbow and gold options at 3,300 yen (tax included).

Recommended Features

The MINI KADET originally doesn’t come with a buckle, so adding one makes attachment and detachment a breeze!

With one simple action, you can adjust the length and attach or detach the buckle.

Create your own original KADET with a buckle change!

Please note that the buckle might not be replaceable on older KADET models.

Check out the video tutorial on how to replace the buckle here:


Thank you for reading until the end.

These products are perfect for adding a personal touch!

Be sure to check them out.


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