Brand Information

A brand founded in Sweden in 1942.

Based on our corporate slogan “Bring your life,” They produce many products that allow you to safely transport your precious cargo.

In fact, the brand produces products such as bags, car carriers, and strollers, and is particular about durability, safety, functionality, and environmental friendliness.

Especially when it comes to bags, our store carries outdoor and business bags, which are multi-functional products such as a Safe Zone that covers a portion of the bag with a high-quality material and protects items from strong impacts.

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Thule | 日本 1942年の創業以来、私たちはお客様と世界や情熱の距離を縮めることを仕事にしてきました。thule.comで直接購入するか、お近くの販売店をこちらでお探しください。