Brand Information

The brand was launched near San Francisco in 2010.

Based on the concept of “creating the most comfortable footwear in the world,” the straps are designed to prevent chafing as much as possible, the footbed is ergonomically designed to fit the soles of the feet, and it is too soft. This footwear is made with attention to detail, such as a midsole that has both cushioning and resilience that is not too hard, and an outsole that is made to be slip-resistant and less likely to wear down.

It is also an environmentally friendly brand that invests 1% of its sales in a movement to secure safe water sources called the Water Project.

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フリーウォータース | freewaters | 「新しいものを創造」し、「世界に貢献する」 「Freewaters」(フリーウォータース)のオフィシャルサイトです。フリーウォータースの全てのシューズにはストーリー、つまり「人間のストーリー」があります。あなたも、...